You see them ‘able’. Physically completely fit to work. No sign of disability. Yet they are ‘disable’. They lose the ability to function like a normal person despite their physical fitness. Even the smallest of chores seem heavy. The body and mind work in sync; when the mind is not well the body follows suit. “Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide” – WHO.

The least that you can do to help is to have a little empathy. They are already feeling burdensome to themselves and those around so try not to trigger this any further. Extend your hands out for these souls screaming out for help silently; in whatever capacity you can.

If you know a single such person, know that they need help even when they claim to be fine. You can see them struggling to decide even trivial issues. You can find them canceling meetings at the last moment, repeatedly. This is because they are drained out all the time.

You see them down constantly; their minds are gloomy all the time. Their world is black and white; no colors.

The least you can do is not to belittle it as a passing phase that everyone goes through in life. It is not a luxury. The victim is not feeling depressed ‘deliberately’.

We lost a close acquaintance very recently; who succumbed to her sufferings and decided to take off her life. You can only regret to not have taken actions on time when you get to hear such news. You would only wish you had another chance to stand beside and help them seek proper treatment.

We need to talk about it. We need to come forward to help them. A little support goes a long way. You never know how much a word of empathy or a little help might mean to them. Please come forward.

Sharaf A

September 06, 2019